Catch Cover 9″ Hole Sleeve- Moon Glow

Prevent air drafts from coming up the holes.  Original Catch Cover Hole Sleeves keep you warmer and quickly pay for themselves in propane saved. They fit perfectly inside the Catch Cover rings and sit flush on the floor. The 9-inch is the most popular size, they feature easy to follow molded-in 1-inch trim lines that let you cut the sleeve to the perfect height for your fish house. Original Catch Cover Hole Sleeves stack neatly to minimize storage space.


  • Overall diameter - 13-3/4" diameter
  • Bottom hole diameter - 10-1/4"
  • Length - 9"
  • Put off a light to offer great contrast
  • Recharge quickly in daylight or by shining a flashlight on them

Pricing: 34.99

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Hole Sleeve Moon

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